May Babcock, papermaking artist

Papermaking…with plants!

Make handmade paper from plants and weeds in this 3-day workshop with May Babcock at Snow Farm Craft Program.

Learn how to identify and harvest plants for hand papermaking. Once gathered, learn how to process, pulp, create sheets, and dry textured papers—all processes that can be recreated at home with simple equipment.

Build a supply of handmade papers for printing, drawing, writing, and bookmaking, or create imagery using the fresh pulp and creative techniques.

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May 5 – 7, 2017
Snow Farm: The New England Craft Program
Williamsburg, MA


Pulptypes, Pulp Type, hand papermaking workshop with May Babcock

Hybrid Papermaking & Printmaking

Pulptypes are a printerly style of pulp painting. This technique, invented by May Babcock, uses only handmade paper pulp, and results in works that resemble monotypes or woodcuts.

In this workshop with May, you’ll learn how to correctly beat and color pulp for pulptyping, and cover several approaches to creating imagery.

Next, learn woodcut casting! You will get comfortable carving woodblocks, inking them, and casting wet paper pulp into the woodcut. This special technique results in the most detailed, embossed print you’ve ever seen.

Additionally, experiment with turning pulptypes into three-dimensional objects.

Each of these techniques will be introduced with a demonstration and examples. After each demonstration and discussion, students will work individually with one-on-one instruction to help realize their projects.

This workshop is excellent for anyone with some printmaking and/or papermaking experience. Group discussion on the work created during the week will take place on the last day.


July 17 – 21, 2017
Women’s Studio Workshop
Summer Art Institute
Rosendale, NY