Stop the Presses! It’s Community Supported Paper at Fresh Press

Fibers by Fresh Press, handmade paper in Illinois

What if handmade paper was at the farmer’s market, along with your favorite tomatoes and freshly baked loaf? Or, maybe there’s a snazzy notebook made from prairie grass paper in your CSA box.

You’re not daydreaming—community supported paper is a reality, thanks to Fiber by Fresh Press.

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Inside Edgewood College’s Paper Studio: Handmade Paper’s Role in Art Therapy

Edgewood College Papermaking Studio, Madison Wisconsin

Hand papermaking’s tactile, experimental nature lends itself to applications in a variety of settings. The possibilities are seemingly infinite with potential for sculpture, wet media, book arts, and drawing (just to name a few).

At Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin, art therapy students are sharing papermaking with the community through their outreach programs. Click through for the full story!

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Stare at This Handmade Paper Watermark (Animated GIF)

Handmade paper watermark

Elusive, mysterious, surprising. Watermarks can be an art form, a papermaker’s mark, security method, or design effect unique to paper.

Regardless of purpose, it’s an eye-widening moment when you hold a deceptively blank sheet of paper to light and a hidden image suddenly appears.

How does this work?

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Shaped Handmade Paper! How to Make a Custom Deckle

How to make Shaped Handmade Paper with a custom deckle - a tutorial

One reason people choose to make paper by hand is the ability to customize your paper for each project. You may have already considered shifting variables like color, weight, texture, and size, but you can also change the shape of your paper.

Think outside of the traditional rectangular deckle with your own, handmade shaped deckle. Using just some foam core and a bit of tape, you’ll be able to explore new possibilities in your work with your own custom deckle.

Not only can you creature uniquely shaped sheets of paper with your existing mould and a new custom deckle, but you can even make multiple sheets of paper with a single vat pull! Click through to learn more.

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How Can Photography & Handmade Paper Intersect? Artist Interview with Lindsey Beal

Lindsey Beal, Flax Sculpture Handmade Paper, Venus Series

Lindsey Beal, The Venus Series: Figure #2, Ambrotype (wet plate collodion on black glass); 3.25″ x 4″; 2010

Hand papermaking’s versatility as an artistic medium makes it an area without defined edges. Combination with other art processes have only just begun being explored. Let’s look at how alternative, or historical, photographic processes and handmade paper can intersect.

Lindsey Beal is an artist, educator, and dear friend of mine, who generously answered a few questions about her work, experience, and thoughts on hand papermaking and photography.

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