How to Make a Deckle Box for Hand Papermaking (Part 1)

deckle box for making handmade paper

Hand papermaking conventionally relies on three elements: vat, fiber, screen (click over to the basic handmade paper tutorial if you’re not familiar with the process).

A deckle box combines the vat and screen elements into a single piece of equipment, and holds enough water and pulp for a single sheet—no vat required! This alternative temporarily builds up the walls of your mould and deckle.

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Couch It! Papermaking Tutorial for Embedding Materials

hand papermaking tutorial for embedding materials

Hand papermaking offers a colorful lexicon full of terms like kiss, hog, and slurry (obviously a favorite of ours). One term that often gets an eyebrow raise is couching (pronounced ‘coo-ching’), the term papermakers use to describe transferring a newly formed sheet of paper from the mould to the felts.

Click through to learn the history of this term and how to seal objects between wet sheets of paper!

And if you’re just starting out, here’s the Paperslurry basic hand papermaking tutorial.

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Money! Paper! Let’s Visit the Crane Museum

paper, papermaking, paper money, crane paper

How does that crumpled twenty bucks survives the terrors of the washing machine, while your grocery list disintegrates into oddly shaped white fluff in your pant pocket?

To answer these paper thoughts, let’s take a short internet tour of the Crane Museum, and spend a moment with the intrigues behind the paper made for United States currency.

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Stare at This Handmade Paper Watermark (Animated GIF)

Handmade paper watermark

Elusive, mysterious, surprising. Watermarks can be an art form, a papermaker’s mark, security method, or design effect unique to paper.

Regardless of purpose, it’s an eye-widening moment when you hold a deceptively blank sheet of paper to light and a hidden image suddenly appears.

How does this work?

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Shaped Handmade Paper! How to Make a Custom Deckle

How to make Shaped Handmade Paper with a custom deckle - a tutorial

One reason people choose to make paper by hand is the ability to customize your paper for each project. You may have already considered shifting variables like color, weight, texture, and size, but you can also change the shape of your paper.

Think outside of the traditional rectangular deckle with your own, handmade shaped deckle. Using just some foam core and a bit of tape, you’ll be able to explore new possibilities in your work with your own custom deckle.

Not only can you creature uniquely shaped sheets of paper with your existing mould and a new custom deckle, but you can even make multiple sheets of paper with a single vat pull! Click through to learn more.

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