Stop the Presses! It’s Community Supported Paper at Fresh Press

Fibers by Fresh Press, handmade paper in Illinois

What if handmade paper was at the farmer’s market, along with your favorite tomatoes and freshly baked loaf? Or, maybe there’s a snazzy notebook made from prairie grass paper in your CSA box.

You’re not daydreaming—community supported paper is a reality, thanks to Fiber by Fresh Press.

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Performance, Handmade Paper, and Language: Soliloquy in English by Patrick Blenkarn


Hand papermaking allows an artist to take ownership of their materials. Choosing a fiber for paper pulp, making handmade paper, creating the final form—papermaking is a mutable art medium that allows for a multitude of options. When used in interdisciplinary manner, the process can be a way to add context, content, and meaning to an art piece.

Patrick Blenkarn is a Canadian artist based in Vancouver who recently created Soliloquy in English, a performance piece about English as a second language. It uses a rich combination of materials: words spoken aloud, a book containing varied experiences, and paper handmade from a secondhand dictionary.

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Kokedama in Your Landscape (Interactive Plant & Papermaking Installation by Artist Megan Singleton)

Hand Papermaking Art Installation - Megan Singleton

So you can make handmade paper from plants, but what about shining the spotlight on the plants themselves?

Kokedama in Your Landscape is an interactive art installation by artist Megan Singleton. It has been in New Orleans, Eastport Maine, St. Louis, and who knows where else it might travel!

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What the Flax! Collaboration & Performance Art at Paperhouse Studio in Toronto


Paperhouse Studio, Toronto - Hand Papermaking Studio

Hand papermaking is an interesting animal. While it is a technology and historical craft, it’s also an art-making process that can cross borders into performance art, community cultural events, theatre, and collaborative creative work.

And Paperhouse Studio in Toronto does just that.

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The Microbrewery of Hand Papermaking (Fresh Press)

Fresh Press - Sustainable Paper making Something new is brewing in Illinois, and it’s not beer. It’s handmade paper.

Fresh Press is an Agricultural Fiber Paper-Making Research Studio.

That’s right.

They’re part sustainable paper making studio, part research lab, part badass, and they’re all about using leftover fibers from crops in the Midwest.

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GIANT Papermaking at FIGMENT Philadelphia

Giant handmade sheets of paper, you say? Watch Nicole Donnelly and Mary Tasillo make papermaking magic in Clark Park for FIGMENT Philadelphia last fall.  Kudos to Alan DiBerio for creating this mesmerizing video from multiple photos.

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A Hands-on Approach to Researching Historical Papermaking

Historical Hand Papermaking ProcessImagine for a moment that every single sheet of paper in the world was made individually, by hand. If you lived before the 1800s and the invention of the Fourdrinier Papermaking Machine, this idea wouldn’t be so preposterous, but a fact. A video by the University of Iowa Center for the Book documents Associate Professor Tim Barrett and his graduate students replicating a traditional three-person papermaking team, capable of making 100 to 200 sheets per hour! A great film, well worth the 11 minutes and 42 seconds of your time today. Promise.

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