Upcycling rejection letters into handmade paper? Or how about finding an artist who combines flax paper sculpture with 19th century photo-processes?

If you’re getting a fuzzy-warm feeling, then you’ve arrived to your new favorite corner of the internet.

Paperslurry is a hub for hand papermaking, in all its brilliant forms. Moulds & deckles, mills that use agri-waste fiber, and even animated pulp-paintings—you’ll find it all here.


We’re all learning here

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May Babcock - Artist, Paperslurry

Who’s behind the curtain?

May Babcock is an artist, self-proclaimed paper geek, and paper cut survivor hailing from the great state of Rhode Island, in the city of Providence. Stalk her artist website and blog to see how she makes art with the papermaking and printmaking mediums.

*Photo by Trailing Twine Photography. That’s Boca the dog, too.


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Submissions & Suggestions

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